You know when everything’s just off, and you don’t know why.

It’s probably because you’re not doing stuff you value at the moment.

Your values are basically your big principles, those things that you think are really important. You’ll know if you’re out of whack with them because that’s generally when you’ll feel a bit shit.

But how do you figure this out?

Well first, have a think about a goal you’re working on. If you don’t have any goals, no problem, what’s your number one priority right now?

Once you have that, answer the five questions below. 

Don’t overthink it, answer as quickly as possible, with one or two-word answers if you can. You can’t get it wrong at all, so anything you say is the right answer.

Let’s begin.

1. Talking

confused woman

What do you love to talk about? What’s that thing that you talk about all the time, to anyone that’ll listen?

If you can’t think of anything think about this. If we were sitting at a party and I was talking to you about taxation law, would you love that conversation? No? Ok cool, at least you know what you don’t like talking about, so what do you like talking about?

If there’s still nothing, just make it up! If you let your mind wander without the pressure of getting the ‘right’ answer it’s probably gonna give you what you’re looking for anyway.

When you have three, ask yourself which of those things do you spend the most amount of time, energy, and money on? Which one lights you up the most? When you’ve decided, write it down.

2. Researching

boy with open mouth

What do you love to research? What are you constantly buying books on, listening to podcasts about, going to websites for?

If I raided your search history right now, what would I find? Maybe I don’t wanna know, but hey, if that’s what you’re researching all the time maybe you should take note of it.

Again like before, when you’ve got three things have a think about which one you spend the most amount of time, energy, and money on. Once you’ve got it, write it down too.

3. Acquiring

sculpture with hand up to ear

What skills do you love to acquire? When you’ve got a spare moment what are you refining, tweaking, or practicing?

The important thing to remember here is that you’re only focusing on skills that you’re currently working on, not skills that you’d like to have. So sure, I’d love to be good at backflips but I’m not currently learning them so it doesn’t count.

Also, don’t get too caught up on the skills word, just think about anything that you like doing.

Then, you guessed it, find the top three and figure out which one you spend the most amount of time, energy, and money on. What skill are you drawn to? Like before, write it down.

4. Contemplating

ape scratching head

What do you love to think about? When you’re waiting around for something, or chilling on a bus, where does your mind wander?

Or that, right there! What’s that other thing you’re thinking about when you’re trying to read this?

Once you’ve finished thinking about thinking about stuff, find the one you spend the most amount of time, energy, and money on, and write it down.

5. Knowing


And last but not least. What do you know a lot about? If I looked inside your mind, what do you know the most about?

Don’t put pressure on yourself by comparing yourself to others here. You’re not trying to work out what you know more about than anybody else in the world. Just you, right now, what knowledge do you have about something that’s maybe more than the average person has?

Then, one more time, think about which one of your top answers you spend the most amount of time, energy, and money on. That main topic that you know the most about. Write it down.

The results


Now you should have a list of your top five values.

So what do you do with it?

Well, now you can compare how what you’re currently doing with your time aligns with that goal or priority you set at the beginning. If you want a new career but you’re not doing anything about it, or family’s your priority but you aren’t spending much time with them, then that means your values are out of whack. 

The key to staying on track is knowing what your values are and doing what you can to make sure you’re honouring them, because when you’re off-track is when you’ll find yourself completely lost/stuck/unhappy/stressed/anxious.

So if you’re not quite there, have a think about what you can do to improve it. Even if it seems like a small thing you’ll notice the difference, and it’s gonna create some momentum for bigger things. 

Plus, values change. Something like having a baby can hugely affect what you value the most, so it’s good to regularly check in with yourself about this stuff.

That's it!

Five steps to finding your values in five minutes. 

Give it a go, see what comes up, and give this a save so you can come back to it whenever you need to check back in.

This is taken from my 1:1 coaching Breakthrough Program. If you’ve enjoyed it and would like to do more of this, find out how we can work together by hitting the big, green button below.

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