Life’s a bitch sometimes. 

One minute you’re minding your own business and then bam, it slaps you in the face harder than a bag of bricks.

All over the world life coaches are putting their hands up to help people steer their ships over these bumpy waters. 

Intrigued…maybe. Suspicious…absolutely. Who are these life coaches? What could they possibly offer you? What even is a bloody life coach?!

Well, you have every right to be wary, here are 7 big reasons NOT to hire a life coach.

1. You'll rub people up the wrong way

crowd of people sticking middle fingers up

You’ll know exactly what you want in life and how to make it happen. Trained life coaches will help you get clear about what fulfillment means for you and move you towards it. This will rub people the wrong way, they’ll think you’re all high and mighty now.

2. You'll be confused

black pug looking confused

Life coaches have a full toolkit and the expertise to discover new ways of thinking that you never thought possible before. You’ll wonder where all this new focus came from because you’ll be so sure you know where you’re heading and what your purpose is.

3. You'll have a lot of emotions

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You’ll get support from someone who’s professionally trained to have your best interests in mind, and is available as a non-judgmental ear when times get tough. All of this attention, completely focused on you, may overwhelm you with how amazing it feels.

4. You’ll get sick of your new routine

men holding hand up feeling sick

You’re going to have way more time on your hands. Life coaches act as your conscience to nudge you in the right direction and keep you accountable for getting shit done. This new rhythm could upset your stomach, making you feel queasy about all your new free time.

5. You'll make your friends jealous

man looking up rolling eyes

A life coach puts you back in the driver’s seat to take control of your life and get yourself in order. This will make your friends feel like they’re not making any progress, and will no doubt result in them bugging you for tips as the go-to person for having your shit together.

6. You'll become an addict

woman throwing pills looking happy

Addiction is inevitable. As you see the results you’re getting you’ll get addicted to improving your health, your wellbeing, your development, your future prospects. Friends will question who this strange new sorted person is.

7. There's no going back

Once you’ve learned how to do things this way, they’ll be no going back. When you’ve seen the difference it makes to your wellbeing after you’ve decided to invest in yourself, you won’t be able to have it any other way.

Still intrigued?

There you have it. 7 reasons why you definitely shouldn’t hire a life coach.

If you want to risk it and see what all the fuss is about, hit the big green button below for more info on what I do and how we can work together.

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