Know what your goals are?

Ah, goal setting. The pillar of self-development.

Goals are all the rage because they help you focus all those thoughts of yours into tangible outcomes you can work towards. 

It doesn’t need to be complicated though. If you’ve got the right formula it’s easy.

And it just so happens, I have one.

The formula

goal setting formula

Right, before you start, it’s important that you write as if you’ve already achieved the thing, not that you’re going to achieve it. So step into the future.

Ok, so there are four clear parts to a good goal.

1. It is now...

boy with open mouth

Decide the date you want the outcome to happen. Is it an exact date or is it a particular month?

2. I am/I have...

sculpture with hand up to ear

State your goal with a brief description containing the single event that lets you know for sure that you’ve achieved it. So, if your goal was to go to Hawaii your statement might be, “I’m laying in a hammock in Maui reading a book”.

Turn all feelings into actions. So “I am happy” isn’t gonna cut it. What are you doing to make you happy?

3. The reason this goal was really important is because…

ape scratching head

Define exactly why this goal is really important to you. What’s driving your reasons for wanting to achieve it?

4. The first three actions I took towards successfully achieving this goal were…


State exactly what the first few steps were that kicked off that snowball effect of creating this goal in your life. This’ll get the momentum happening straight away, so break it down into the smallest pieces to get started.

There we go!

The fool-proof formula to set a goal that sticks. 

Give it a go, give it a save, and let me know how you get on.

This is taken from my 1:1 breakthrough program The Happy Human Project. If you’ve enjoyed it and would like to do more of this, find out how we can work together by hitting the big, green button below.

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